Local Inventor is Finalist in Good Housekeeping and HSN’s Search for America’s Next Great Entrepreneur

By Stacy Bomser

There’s an expression that “necessity is the mother of invention.” That was certainly the case for Angela Horevitz. The frustrated baker invented Bakers Sto N Go to prevent beautifully frosted cookies and baked goods from getting crushed or smeared.

“This product has been long overdue in the baking world,” states Horevitz. “People who like to frost cookies and brownies can now layer their tasty treats on the adjustable shelves inside the container, and the frosting stays intact, and nothing gets ruined.”

Horevitz says she came up with the concept back in December 2005, when the idea of a storage container with shelves popped into her head while meditating. After doing some research, she discovered nothing like this existed. Horevitz spent the next year designing and developing the product, and in January 2007 she launched Bakers Sto N Go.

She says it’s been an incredible journey ever since, especially being selected as one of five finalists in Good Housekeeping and HSN’s search to find America’s next great entrepreneur and game-changing consumer product. Bakers Sto N Go and the other four finalists’ products were featured in the December issue of Good Housekeeping. In addition, the finalists presented their products live on HSN on December 4th. Consumers were able to vote for their favorite product to be considered for the HSN Customer Choice Award.

Horewitz is now anxiously awaiting the announcement in a few months when the winner will be revealed in the April issue of Good Housekeeping magazine and is invited back on-air at HSN to sell their product. The winner will be selected based on ingenuity, quality and public response to the product.
Horewitz says she will scream if she is chosen. “I will let it all out. I have worked so hard to have this moment. It means the world to me. I love my customers, I love connecting with them, I love the satisfaction it brings them, and to know I won this award will allow me the greatest gift of making people’s lives easier in the kitchen.”

If Bakers Sto N Go wins, that means good news for Fort Lauderdale as well. Horewitz works with a local manufacturer. “I’m trying to do what I can to help our community from supplies all the way to manufacturing. It’s so important to me to use our local community for our resources to grow.”

In the meantime, Horewitz continues to reap satisfaction hearing from her customers. “This is my favorite part of being an entrepreneur. I constantly get emails from little old ladies telling me how they love this item. It is so rewarding connecting with them. That is the greatest part of my job.”

For more information go to www.bakersstongo.com.

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