Doctors Best Wellness Center Helps Patients Discover Youth Again

By Beverly Perkins

Long before weight loss therapies were popular, over 20 years ago, Dr. Val Manocchio had been helping his patients achieve solutions to their weight problems. This was when he first discovered that weight loss was only the beginning of maintaining an optimal healthy life.

With Board Certification in Antiaging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine the doctor prides himself in addressing the root cause of the disease, and not covering the symptoms by the use of drugs. He believes that Integrative Medicine is like an “extended warranty” which uses evidence-based proven medical practices to slow, correct, and even reverse disease.

Doctors Best Wellness Center promises its’ patients that with their guidance and program, they will enhance energy, stamina, longevity; improve memory, concentration, and focus; revitalize sexual health for both men and women; reduce stress; improve sleep; relieve menopausal symptoms, and control weight. Medical science has unlocked the secrets to slow progression of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, bone loss, even dementia. Therefore, adding years to a patient’s life, and life to those years.

Recently, Val Manocchio MD., Medical Director of Doctors Best Wellness Center, took the time to answer a few commonly asked questions about his South Florida clinic.

What services do you provide?
We specialize in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Medical Weight Loss, but also offer IV Nutrition in including oral, IM & IV infusion therapy in our Wellness Center. I have 25 years of experience performing cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Dermal Fillers, spider vein removal (on the nose, face and body), and fat sculpting.

The magical benefits of our state-of-the-art PRP (platelet rich plasma) procedures I always offer affordably. The O-Shot ® and P-Shot ® will improve sexual function and heighten sensitivity but also end urinary leakage 90% of the time. The “Vampire Facelift” ® restores a youthful glow, and PRP can repair painful joints or stimulate hair growth.  

How does Antiaging Medicine differ?

Doctors are taught to treat disease by covering symptoms with drugs, often focusing only on lab tests, not patients. I strive to optimize health and eliminate, not cover up, disease. Most conventional medical doctors still believe that rapid progression of growing old is inevitable. I do not accept that weakness, fatigue, depression, cognitive difficulties, lack of vitality, even wrinkles are inescapable. Aging like any other medical condition can be treated: We can slow down organ degeneration.

I don’t make false “fountain of youth” promises; I am a certified professional practicing therapy which is scientific, evidence-based, and well documented by peer-reviewed journals.  Properly applied protocols will both extend your life span and prolong your health span (your productive years).

How has modern day technology advanced the aging process?
I have faith that God’s plan for us was heavenly – birth, reproduction, then a long, healthy life, gracefully growing old. Unfortunately, technologic advancements have led evolution down a path of rampant disease. Electromagnetic waves from cell phones, radio and TV, radar, computers, etc. damage cell membranes and our immune cascade comes to the rescue only to cause more harm. Similarly, GMO food also generates inflammation and results in low organ function, high sugar and autoimmune disease. Additionally, hormone levels today are 30% lower than the previous generation.

Science has proven that hormone deficiency does speed up aging while Hormone Replacement will appreciably slow progression of all disease. Hormone levels drop precipitously after 35 years old and this is particularly detrimental to our ongoing health. Although considered normal, hormone levels were never predestined to plunge so premature and ominously.

The bottom line on inflammation – DNA shortens faster, and we lose years.

What is another issue that concerns you?

Our population runs elevated blood sugars regarded as “normal” by our trusted medical doctors, except average sugar levels were a great deal lower just 50 years ago. So-called normal sugars when actually too high are quite destructive and surely warrant aggressive intervention yet are often ignored.

What distinguishes you from the competition?
I am passionate about helping others. I prefer to spend quality time with my patients to get to know them, hear about their health concerns, and then educate them on the best way to achieve optimal health. I want them to understand the entire individualized process and how we can fix health issues together.

Is there anything else you would like readers to know?

I practice the “best of both world’s philosophy”, by combining conventional medicine with evidence-based alternative practices for a complete approach to health.